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Concern for safety

In Cyfrowy Polsat Group we are convinced that state-of-the-art technology may not only improve daily life, but above all save human lives. We are particularly proud of the close cooperation with rescue services operating in Polish mountains and at the waterside. For a number of years now Plus has been supporting rescuers in their activities, financing their training and donating funds for the purchase of specialized equipment. The year 2019 marks the 17th anniversary of our cooperation with WOPR, MOPR as well as TOPR and GOPR rescue units.

Thanks to our technology we have created a rescue system which has saved the health and life of many people in recent years.

Best practice

Integrated rescue system and ”Rescue” application | Continuation

Integrated Rescue System includes two emergency numbers:

  • 601 100 100 (for emergencies at the waterside)
  • 601 100 300 (for emergencies in the mountains)

These numbers operate:

  • in all mobile and fixed-line networks in Poland,
  • all-year-round and round-the-clock all over Poland.

The system monitors the most popular tourist regions, and it is supplemented by a free Ratunek (Rescue) application which:

  • has the location functionality,
  • shortens the time required to locate the injured person by even up to 20 minutes,
  • supports connection to the nearest rescue unit’s station,
  • sends an SMS with the caller’s location to the rescuers,
  • it is the only application approved by the voluntary rescue units.

Rescue application in 2019:

  • 87 371 active users of Android version,
  • 36 872 users of iOS version.

In 2019 we celebrated an anniversary of establishing of Tatra Mountains Voluntary Rescue Service (TOPR). For 110 years now victims of accidents in the mountains can count on the support of TOPR rescuers.

Interesting facts

Examples of successful rescue actions initiated by calls to emergency numbers and use of Rescue application in 2019:

  • Władysławowo – a notification about a drowning person whom two beachgoers were trying to save. The rough seas resulted in the two persons also starting to drown. The rescue action involved five various rescue units and thanks to their cooperation all the victims could be released following some medical treatment on site and did not require hospitalization.
  • Święcajty Lake – a notification about a training sailboat capsizing and a 14-year-old trainee being trapped under the hull. The rescuers dived underwater and found the unconscious girl. Her blood circulation was restored after 40 minutes of CPR. The accident’s victim was flown to a specialized hospital in Suwałki. A week later she regained consciousness. She will require long rehabilitation but there was no brain damage.
  • Głazisty Żleb mountain trail – a tourist descending to Mała Łąka tripped and fell down a steep slope. Thanks to a notification sent with the use of the Rescue application and comparison of the location of the injured person with the locations of TOPR Tatra Mountains rescuers, the accident’s victim was reached in less than a minute from the notification time.
  • Orla Baszta Peak – while ascending the peak, a tourist fell off the safety chains and after falling a dozen or so meters finally stopped on a flat stretch of grassy terrain. The rescuers went by helicopter to the place indicated to them by the Rescue application. A rescuer was dropped near the place where the tourist was. The tourist suffered some minor injuries and bruises. After receiving first aid and once the weather improved, he was transported by helicopter to a hospital.
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