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Aid measured by smiles

In our employee volunteering activities for many years we have been closely cooperating with Polsat Foundation and Polki Mogą Wszystko (Polish Ladies Can Do Everything) Foundation (formerly Przyjaciółka Foundation).

In 2019 we organized 2 initiatives to support persons under the care of Polsat Foundation. The goal of our activities was to help with the treatment and rehabilitation of ill children:

  • collecting of donations for Natalka, who was born with Apert Syndrome – During Cyfrowy Polsat Group’s Family Picnic, 31 volunteers collected over PLN 6 thousand,
  • Christmas Handicraft Workshop with a mission (aiding the 9-year-old Radek who suffers from a progressing amyotrophy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy)  – 60 participants, PLN 6 thousand from the sale of Christmas decorations.

In 2019 our employees and associates also participated in 2 charity actions carried out in partnership with Polki Mogą Wszystko Foundation.

Best practice

School starter kit straight from the heart | Continuation

Since 2014 we have been actively participating in the “Wypełnij Plecak” (Fill-in the Backpack) action which is carried out by Polki Mogą Wszystko Foundation.

In 2019:

  • continuing of the cooperation using the slogan “Wyprawka z serca” (A starter kit straight from the heart),
  • involvement in support for good quality education and combating of poverty,
  • materials which support the development and education of 3 groups of children i.e. the disabled children of our employees as well as the children under the care of by Polki Mogą Wszystko Foundation (Polish Ladies Can Do Everything) and Fundacja dla Dzieci Niepełnosprawnych „Nadzieja” (Hope Foundation for Disabled Children),
  • in total 1800 items of school accessories and special teaching aids,
  • special literature on autism, work sheets and sensory games as well as toys for Hope Foundation.

Best practice

Qurier Świętego Mikołaja (Santa Claus Courier) | Continuation

  • 9 years of the initiative – 1400 children with difficult social background covered by our support,
  • 2019: 50 coordinators – 115 letters with wishes – 4 care centers for children.

There is yet one more form of providing aid which we not only get involved in but which we also promote. It is donating 1% of the personal income tax to treatment and rehabilitation of the children under the care of Polsat Foundation as well as of other foundations which care for our employees or their ill children suffering from chronic diseases.

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