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Topics raised in the Non-Financial Report for the year 2019


Major operating and financial figures for 2019

Segment of services provided to individual and business customers

Multiplay services

  • consistent execution of our multiplay strategy has resulted in stable growth of customers using multiplay services – up by 197 thousand (11%) YoY, reaching 2 million in total,
  • the number of individual services (RGU’s) used by this group has exceeded 6 million.
Constantly growing base of multiplay customers [thous.]
1.511 2017
1.796 2018
1.993 2019

Contract services

Strong growth of the number of contract services – up by 469 thousand (3%) YoY, to 14.73 million

  • growth of the number of mobile services – by as much as 549 thousand (7.5%) YoY, reaching 7.9 million thanks to the favorable influence of the multiplay strategy,
  • the total number of pay TV (DTH) services provided in the contract model at a high level of 5 million,
  • stable base of Internet access services of 1.8 million. At the end of 2019 nearly 100% of Poland’s population lived within the coverage footprint of the Group’s LTE network, with the coverage of LTE Advanced technology extending over an area populated by 82% of the country’s inhabitants.

Contract customers

Stable base of over 5.6 million contract customers

  • record-low churn (6.4%) which we owe to the high loyalty of our customers,
  • growth of RGU saturation per customer to 2.61 (+4.5% YoY),
  • growth of the average monthly revenue per contract customer (ARPU) to PLN 84.2 (+2%).
Record low churn
8,8% 2017
7,6% 2018
6,4% 2019
Stable growth of ARPU per contract customer [PLN]
81,0 2017
83,2 2018
84,2 2019

Prepaid services

  • stable base of prepaid services in the range of 2.7 million,
  • high ARPU of PLN 20.5.

Broadcasting and TV production segment

TV Polsat Group

  • the channels of Telewizja Polsat Group occupy top spots on the market in terms of audience share results in the commercial group, achieving an overall audience share of 24.3% (11.0% by the main channel and 13.3% by the thematic channels),
  • TV Polsat Group’s revenue from TV advertising and sponsoring grew by nearly 2% YoY in 2019 and reached PLN 1.22 bn, thus giving the group the advertising market share at the level of 28.0%.

Viewership of our channels in 2019

Polsat Group’s viewership in line with its long-term strategy

Audience shares(1)

Main channels
11,0% Polsat
11,1% TVN
7,2% TVP2
6,3% TVP1

Thematic channels

13,3% Polsat(2)
15,5% Discovery
8,0% TVP

Dynamics of audience share results(1)

Polsat Group(2)
Discovery Group(3)
TVN Group
Other CabSat
Other DTT

Source: NAM, All 16‐49, all day, SHR%, including Live+2(1), internal analysis

1Audience shares include both live broadcasting and broadcasting during 2 consecutive days (i.e. Time Shifted Viewing)

2Including Eleven channels and Superstacja (from June 2018), excluding partnership channels: Polsat Viasat Explore, Polsat Viasat Nature, Polsat Viasat History, JimJam, CI Polsat, Focus TV, Nowa TV

3Pro forma, TVN Group channels and Discovery Networks Europe

Major financial figures for 2019

  • 11.7

    bn PLN

    of revenue

  • 4.2

    bn PLN


  • 36%

    EBITDA margin

  • 1.3

    bn PLN

    of free cash flow

  • 1.1

    bn PLN

    of net profit

  • 2.9


    net debt/EBITDA ratio

  • stable and diversified revenue, mainly based on recurrent contract services,
  • high EBITDA margin, exceeding the market average,
  • very high level of conversion of financial results into cash,
  • ability to reduce debt quickly,
  • readiness to pay stable dividend.
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